Saturday, November 07, 2009

Em Dogg

Remember how I don't miss Utah, but I REALLY miss some of the people. Well this crazy lady happens to be at the top of that list. Steph and I have been trying for months to get Em to Seattle and a few weekends ago it finally happened. You see, she likes Brandi Carlile (perhaps even more the Steph and I) and the original plan included seeing her perform 3 times. Em, that's cool that it took BCB to get you to Seattle. We don't take it personal. :)

We left the airport, made a pit stop by the water and laughed at breakfast until we made Em spit Diet Coke all over the table.

As part of Em in Seattle, we needed to show her all the great sights and started with Gas Works Park as pictured here. As we were leaving, a group of people were walking towards us and I recognized one of them so in true fashion I walked up to the "stranger" and said, "This might sound weird, but aren't you Katie Herzig's sister?" Her response, "Yes and I've read your blog." Jenny was on the cruise last year and was in town for her sisters last show with Brandi. What a genuinely nice girl. We chatted for a bit and wisher her and her sister good luck at the show. Those Herzig's seem like good people.

After Gas Works, we made a necessary pit stop at Top Pot Doughnut where Em taught us the proper way to ensure a good high 5. The trick is to look at each others elbows. Don't believe me, try it right now....see works every time.

Headed to Pikes Market and guess who we ran into this time? We were walking down Post Alley when again we saw Jenny, and Katie and her band. Since I tent to think out loud I guess Katie her me say her name as I passed and stopped to chat with me for a bit. I told her what a great job she did in Portland, that we would be cheering for her at the show tonight and that I was a big fan. I then had to reassure her we were not crazy stalkers since we ran into her sister earlier in the day. Like her sister Jenny (hey, if you are readying this) Katie was a nice person. You know how you can just tell that some people are good people through and through? Well those Herzig girls seem that way.
Oh, did I mention Em is my bird buddy. See reference here and here :) She taught us the new "flip off" is "the point" and I think by the end of the trip we had mastered it.

And then came Brandi Carlile and her sweet band. What a show and even better to be able to enjoy it with another huge fan.

Brandi Carlile. Thanks for always bringing it. Thanks for rocking out, keeping me in awe and for doing what you do with so much energy. Let's concert together again. Say January in Spokane, February on the cruise and March in Seattle.

Katie Herzig opened and as usual did great. I also think the Seattle crowd was more into her songs then the Portland crowd. One of my favorite songs of the night was one Katie and Brandi sang together, Wish You Well. Remember how I think when we die and go to Heaven, every night is a big concert. Well, I think this song might be on the set list.

I also got to enjoy the show this these lovely ladies! I heart them.

Em - Thanks for coming to visit. Thanks for keeping me cool. Thanks for laughing along the way. Thanks for understanding and getting it. Thanks for being honest. Thanks for sharing your love of BCB. Thanks for being awesome. And mostly, thanks for being you. Can't wait to rock the cruise with ya.

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Em said...

You're awesome*. I'm already excited for my next trip to the great north-west....cause, we're fun. Really fun.

And maybe, in the future**...

*I may or may not have teared while I read this.
**I know, I know...but I had to.