Monday, January 13, 2014


My goal is to start blogging again. Not for your entertainment but for my historical value. I have a very poor longterm memory and I like remembering all the daily things so I'm giving this a try again.

Quick life update, MA is almost a year and a half and is awesome. She's so happy, loves shoes, is obsessed with necklaces, won't go anywhere without puppy/bunny/and her blanket and she's starting to say a few words. I love her so much and it's not getting any easier to leave her in the morning as I go to work. 

P has 2 more quarers of school and then hopefully gets hired on at Boeing and starts working and they will pay for him to finish his degree. 

I'm still with amazon. I survived being the holiday captain for my team and let's say I'll do everything I can to not have that happen again. 

I should really make loosing weight a New Years goal because I'm yet to really loose the weight from Mary Ann but here's my honest thought process. Why lose weight? I will most likely get pregnant again this year so why bother? No, being more healthy will make for a batter pregnancy and I do want to start running again. When do you have time to run and they are opening a cafe rio up the street in March. Screw it. I'm me for now.  Instead I made crafting goals because that's what really matter in life. Holde me to these. 

1. Really figure out how the crap to use the cricut cutter and either use it or sell it
2. Sew Mary Ann a dress/skirt 
3. Make a dozen Christmas ornaments 
4. Work on my giant crewel floral project twice a month
5. Clean/organize the craft room by the end of January - this includes organizing all holiday decor (labeled and in boxes) (does this justify buying a label maker it?....please say yes!!!) 
6. Finish one craft project per month (I've started a V-Day project today) 
7. Gift one craft project a month to someone
8. Post 4 new craft projects on etsy to sell by the end of February 
9. Get better lighting in the craft room
10. Learn how to knit

There you have it. Let's hope I can keep this up. 

Xo - Mother Buchan 


lynsey said...

love this! i've missed you. and as lame as it is, blogging is still a way to keep in touch--sometimes easier than a call or text. love me for who i am! i say 2014 is the year for everyone to bring back the blog.

stephanielynn said...

Let's learn to knit together!

Melissa said...

Im glad you're back! You look gorgeous!