Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bad Parent Moment #236

I was so tired and was playing with MA on my bed while P was on the phone. She kept sliding off the end of the bed and coming to me to let her back up. It was keeping her entertained for her last 5 minutes before bed. 

And then she slid off sideways and I heard the scream. She was bleeding from her mouth and nose. I freaked out because there was so much blood. She quickly got a fat lip and stopped crying after a few minutes as we were heading out the door. 

We took her to the children's walk in clinic while I started crying since I should have been watching her closer.  They checked her out and said she would be fine, but to check on her every 2 hours to make sure there was no head trama. 

Here's to hoping for an early and event less night tonight. 

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