Thursday, October 04, 2012

Random Thoughts

- It's really sad how into the iPhone 5 people are. It's sad we will camp outside overnight to get a spot in line or stay up late to order it at midnight. I can't image the same frenzy going on for things like: a chance to hear the Prophet speak, the opportunity to feed the homeless, the chance to teach someone how to read, etc.

- I don't get the hipster thing or mustache thing?

- I live my life in 4 hour increments. It's awesome and maddening at the same time.

- Grey's Anatomy is horrible, but I'll still keep watching it.

- I should spend less time on Pinterest and more time doing the things I pinned.

- Sometimes I look at Mary Ann and think, wait you're still here. Where's your mom?

- I finally checked off a big to-do from my list

- I'm over Facebook. All I look at are the photos and those can be found on Instagram.

- I'm really into politics these days. I'm almost done with season 2 of The West Wing and am dying to see if President Bartlett runs for re-election.

- Mary Ann and I go for walks most days. When we walk Greenlake, I feel judged by all the other mommy exercise groups because I'm not in the "mom club."

- Some days I LOVE not working. Other day's I go crazy (and when I say crazy, I mean I'm lazy and might or might not ever get out of bed) and don't know how women do it all day every day.

- Mary Ann keeps getting packages of stuff we registered for. Each day is like Christmas for her. I wonder if people would catch on if we added a new stove and refrigerator to her registry?

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Melissa said...

"mom clubs" are not my style. I'm a mommy loner. Just me and my kiddos most days. I prefer it that way.
Being a stay at home mom got easier after around a year. The first year I about went crazy, now I love staying home. Mary Ann is precious, by the way.