Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dentist Update

Remember how I HATE the dentist, but have been going every 6 months like a big girl and hating every minute of it. Today was rough.

In the name of marital vanity I decided that I not only wanted my teeth cleaned, but to also have the jagged ends of my teeth smoothed and to attempt to buff out the white calcium deposit on my front tooth.

I started sweating the minute I sat down in the chair, turned my headphones up as loud as possible, closed my eyes and opened my mouth. While it did not hurt and the music covered up the sound, I was NOT prepared for the SMELL. Yes, the smell of tiny tiny instruments spinning away, slowly shaving off the bottom of my teeth. It was a mix of burnt hair and burnt rubber....COMING FROM MY MOUTH.

I made it though and can't stop feeling how smooth my teeth are now. Glad I did it, but next time I'm bringing a nose plug.

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