Friday, July 08, 2011


So much has happened and I really want to capture it all here if nothing else then for my own memories. But for now I'm beyond tired so all you get is a list of things to come.

-bought a house
-got a new job
-get a new roommate in 28 days (so people call him a husband)
-got my dress
-took a few trips
-gone through some sad family things
-stressed myself into health problems
-refinished 1000 sq ft of floors

It's been crazy but I've really learned to trust The Lord, be grateful for my family and friends and know that somehow it always works out. I'm mean afterall, I am typing this while in a bathtub I own in a newly remoldeled bathroom that was made with love so it can't be all that bad.


Holly C M said...

I want to know more about almost every one of those things! You astound an amaze me. I was going to say you are a real trooper but the last time I sent someone a message with that phrase in it, my apple product auto- corrected it to say "you are a real stripper. " embarrassing!

Maddy said...

Booked a hotel for your wedding this week! I can't wait to come and celebrate with you and Patrick. I"m impressed he's done a bathroom already and I bet the floors are lovely. I wish we could catch up and discuss your list but I'm afraid that may have to wait until Ben's wedding! Love you!

PS Holly C that's one hilarious auto-correct story! Almost as good as texting/sexting.