Tuesday, November 30, 2010

True Story

Today I wore a white shirt that is a little tight so naturally I wore my body slimmer under it. (Note: Almost all women own one and if they don't they should. Sometimes a body just needs a little slimming.) However, this was a new one piece full body slimmer. One piece here people...all one piece. Do you see where this is going.

All was going well until I needed to pee. I walked into the bathroom at work and knew I was going to have to suck it up and pee naked. At Work. AWKWARD especially because we all know you can kind of see through those cracks in the door. I was doing fine, well as fine as a naked pee'r could, when I noticed the woman washing her hands had stopped and turned around because apparently my arms had come above the stall when I was putting my top back on and she thought this was weird. What, you don't take your top off to pee?

Of course I had to wait her out and then hurry out of the bathroom before someone else caught me. Needless to say, I held it as long as I could later in the day to minimize my "exposure" at work.

I'm special.

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