Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vince Mira Concert

This had to be one of the most 'entertaining' concerts I have ever been to. Vince Mira sounds exactly like Johnny Cash. He looks nothing like him so when he sings it is a little freaky but fun.

Vince kicked of the night with a few tunes and then it got a little crazy. It felt like they went down to Pike's Market, grabbed a few street performers, and put them on the stage.

One guy had on 2 hula hoops, played two guitars and the harmonica all at once. Wow!

This guy, Baby Gramps, was 86 year old, opened the Showbox and was CRAZY. I have never heard anyone "sing" in the style he sang in.

And then there were the Dusty 45's...and yes, that is his trumpet on FIRE!!!

And then Vince came back out and rocked it Johnny Cash style.

And then I freaked out when he gave a shout out to my girl Brandi and covered her song!

I had great company, a good show and I always love an excuse to wear my boots.

P.S. You would think all of the running and time at the gym would be harder on my calves then 5 hours in my boots, but you would be wrong. 3 days later my calves still hurt.

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Leah said...

What a fabulous pic of Baby Gramps! His voice still gives me the heebie-jeebies . . .