Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tony, Tony, Tony

I was so tired after my fun filled weekend and was looking forward to sleeping the entire plane ride back to Seattle, but Tony had other plans for me.

I was settled into my seat and playing the "if you don't make eye contact, they will not sit by you game," but I failed. Tony came and sat right next to the middle seat....even though the aisle seat was vacant.

He started the small talk and asked what I did for a living. I gave him the brush off answer hoping he would catch my hint. Nope. He proceeded to tell me he thought I was a hand model. (Nice pickup line dude) I looked at my crusty hands and said, "Me? No. My hands are all calloused from playing the guitar, but thanks."

For the rest of the plane ride, Tony talked and talked and talked to me about guitars, how he plays football still, how it's amazing we are exactly the same age, how he beat my High School football team at state our senior year, how he teaches guitar, his time in Afghanistan, and a bunch of other things I don't remember.

He was a nice guy, but I was just so tired. I did all sorts of things trying to get him to stop talking and let me sleep, but he was onto my fake sleeping tricks.

We landed and I headed into the restroom, but don't you worry. He was waiting for me right outside of the security area. He was disappointed his ride was there by the time our luggage showed, but I saw it as a blessing.

Tony, thanks for treating me like a lady, but next time a girl needs her beauty sleep.


Stephanie K. said...

It sounds like Tony wanted some Lindsay!

James said...

Yeah - you should've given him your number!