Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Actual conversation while Steph and I are beep-boobing in the living room:
Linds: I love JoJo. Is this a remix of "weak"
Steph: Sure is
(both Steph and I then proceed to sing the entire song)
Linds: I am so proud of you know all of the words too
Steph: How could you not? Annie had the tape
Linds: I've got it! Sisters with voices...that is the name of our band
Steph: It's already taken
Linds: No, SWV is take....How about Bitches with voices?
Steph: That could work

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Mandy said...

you always make me laugh...when I know I need a good laugh, I come to your blog, and I'm never disappointed! :)