Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Man, I Feel Like A Woman

I find more and more that I love New York. I started the morning off bright and early with a eight block beautiful walk to the hotel my clients were staying at. I was tagging along to a photo shoot for the day.

Waiting for our car outside of the hotel, a car was there waiting to pick up Rob Thomas. Sadly, we left before he came out, but still...a close encounter. The photographer for the shoot was from Seattle and had 2 local assistants. They were the greatest guys and I must say, the photographer and I hit it off. He was not the normal type of guy I like, but for some reason, something was just there. Now, I knew nothing would really come of it and being on a cient photo shoot, it was totally inappropriate so I tried not to play into it too much.

Our first location was on top of Chelsea Pier. We passed through the Law and Order sound stage on the way to the roof, but again sadly we did not see anyone famous.

Next it was off to central park. It was a perfect sunny brisk New York day and the people watching was in prime fashion.

The last location was at the Brooklyn Bridge, but I had to head back for another meeting.

For dinner we went to this amazing restaurant, Nobu. The love connection continued through dinner and we chatted about music, things to do in Seattle, his next photo shoot in LA, and other random things. Dinner was so good, but the downside was it took over 3 hours which means I did not make it to the Clay's house tonight, but hopefully tomorrow night.

We shared a cab back to my client's hotel as I wanted to walk the 8 blocks to my hotel again to take in more of New York and get a little fresh air. I was saying my goodbyes, when he went in for the double hug that included one hand around my neck and the other hand grabbing my ass. Ya, classy, but still it was great to feel like a woman again. He offered to walk me back to my hotel, but knowing that he was trying to get me to drink all night and had a few too much whisky in him, I politely declined, winked and walked away.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.


HB Moores said...

LINDSAY JANE LYMAN - You tell that guy I said to keep his hands off my little sister! :) OK - a girl needs a little love and all but reading this story brings out the overprotector in me. I'm glad you are enjoying NYC! You live the high life! I hope you see some more celebs before the trip is over. xoxo - Jo

Jill said...

You have the most exciting life! Not just the photographer hitting on you, but the overly cool grown up job you have too. I'm jealous!

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

honestly linds, what i wouldn't give to trade lives with you right now! ok well i'd have to bring ben & caleb along with me but SERIOUSLY. you are living the DREAM! keep your camera on you at all times in case you see another star! i love ya & am glad you're having a good time.

mom&dad said...

This is your father. Do we need to have a talk? Dayton, Wa. and a guy driving a combine sounds better to me than hustling photographers in NYC. Be careful, remember to brush your teeth, and call your mom and dad often.

Big Bro Jared said...

I know I'm your big bro but all I can say is that guy has good taste! ;)

Reese said...

First of all I like the advice from your daddy, second of all no fair, and third I am so glad you started blogging again... I've missed our time together.