Monday, March 31, 2014

Brain Dump

No one told me just how sick we all would be forever the first toddler winter.  It was quite a rough patch there for us, but I’m happy to say we have been daycare induced illness free for a few weeks.  There was a point there when I had been to the doctor with MA 3 times in one week.  Double ear infection, 104 temp, and then a crazy rash to the ear infection meds.  She’s fine, and we are all still sleep deprived so life continues on. 

I’ve started a new position at work and really like it.  It’s refreshing to have new problems to work through and new people to do it with.  I greatly miss many of the people on my old team, but mentally I needed something new.  This is the first time I’ve completely changed jobs within the same company.  I’ve moved to similar position, but this is totally different.  It’s weird to feel completely lost and like the new person, but at the same time not and know how to do quite a few things. 

My chubby self is jumping for job.  Café Rio is opening by my house April 16th.  I’m gonna get so fat on pork salads.  I can’t wait.  As long as they don’t put a Dairy Queen next to it, I just might live to see another year.

Did I tell you our basement’s flooding…again…after we spent a ridiculous amount of money “fixing it” last year.  Looks like we get to spend more ridiculous amounts of money putting in a French drain.  I’m so sick of it.  I literally never go downstairs expect to do laundry.  It drives me nuts because that means MA has to play upstairs and there’s just no good way to let her play with her toys and keep them confined somehow in the living room so my house is a mess.  I do okay with it most days, but about once every 2 weeks I go crazy and clean like a mad woman and curse at the flooding basement. 

I’ve been so tiredly lately.  I don’t think this grey Seattle weather is helping, but I feel like I go from my bed to work and back to bed.  Hence, mama’s chubby…I wonder if Café Rio delivers?

I’m worried something is seriously wrong with me.  I’ve lost my will to craft.  Usually I have 5 projects running through my head at all times of things I want to do, but won’t have time to do for a few years, but lately I’ve lost my will to craft.  I hope this too passes.  There a Holidays coming and the house needs to be holiday crafty.  Maybe I’ll just throw some grass seed in the basement and let it grow and call that my Easter craft.

On the up side, P only has 1 more quarter of school and then can hopefully get a full time job.  The plan is to start working and finish his degree a night.  It’s been a long road, but there’s only 3 more month’s until the next phase of his schooling begins.  I’m honestly not sure who’s more excited. 


Miranda said...

When you figure out how to get some motivation, tell me. I've been struggling over here too.

jami said...

i think grass seed in the basement is a perfectly festive easter craft. :) MA could hunt for eggs in the comfort of her grassy home. sounds ideal! :)

congrats on the new position at work. i'm jealous of the brain power you're using. (that, and the fact that a rio is coming to you.)

nice to hear what's happening with your cute little fam.