Monday, October 19, 2009

What the...

What a strange night:

It was dark and starting to get cold. I opened the garage to find a strange older man standing behind Steph's car. He was not moving and did not flinch when I came out. I knew Steph was leaving soon so decided to wait for her. She immediately noticed the weirdo and decided to get in her car and drive away before things got weird. She had to back her car up and almost hit the dude, but he was standing right behind her car on the street and was not moving. She made it out and as I slowly drove by checking him out, I could see his eyes were closed and he was holding tight onto something. Weird

I went to Fred Meyer for the most random shopping trip. I needed a picture frame, shoe laces (Max has eaten through all of them on my running shoes) and eye liner. The following conversations actually occurred while there:

Talking with my friend on the phone:
Me: If you could see me right now you would not admit we are friends. I'm wearing jeans that are too big and rolled up, black flip flops, a brown over sized hoodie, my hair is pulled up, and not a lick of makeup since I ran 6 miles after work.
Friend: Yep, pretty rough there Linds. Hurry home.

Talking with a different friend on the phone:
Her: Do you think so and so is a lesbian.
Me: Oh ya. Have for years which is why I thought it was weird she went on a mission, but I know a few of those so what ever.
Her: You should have told her.
Me: Um...Ya. I'm not sure how to bring that one up. Just throw out, "You know you're a lesbian right?" I don't think so.

While carrying around said picture frame browsing through the Christmas CD's and looking like trash.
50 year old creepy guy: That's a nice print. Are you going to hang it in your room?
Me: Print, oh I'm just getting this for the frame.
50 old guy: It's such a nice picture.
Me: Really, I thought this part where it tells the size and brand kind of takes away from the photo.
50 old guy: Are you from Ashford, OR? (I was wearing my old Ashford sweatshirt)
Me: Nope, they use to be my client.
50 old guy: Oh, what do you do.
Me: (As I turn and start walking away) I work in advertising. Have a good one.

Seriously old guy.

Tonight, IT GOT WEIRD.


Jill said...

The creepy man behind Steph's car reminds me of when she first moved up there and we were freaking out about the man sleeping in his car across the street. We even tried to call the police. So funny.

I love the stories you have, even the simplest of things turns weird.

Melissa said...

Whoa, that is weird!

lynsey said...

it's like you're a freak magnet! the guy by her car? yeah, i would have probably peed my pants. so congrats for staying cool.