Thursday, July 30, 2009



I'm sooooo behind in my blogging. There's just no time. So many things to do in real life that my virtual life is suffering. Rest assured I'm still alive and going to every concert I can.

One thing I wanted to get out there sooner then later is my birthday wish list. I know you all have been thinking about this since it's coming up in September. These things are not cheap or easy so I wanted to give you ample time to save up and pull strings to fulfill my wishes.

So, in no particular order as all wishes should be filled:

I want an old school classic, as large GB and you can afford, iPod. Mine is on the fritz. It literally restarts about every 35 minutes and I generally have to re-set it once a day.

Every time I hear someone play a Mandolin at a concert, I always think how I want one. I don't know much about what kind to get, but am sure you will need to save your pennies to get me a decent one. :)

My neighbors and roommate might hate you, but the things I could do with my very own tambourine.

I'd love to see Missy Higgins in concert again. Can you call her people and tell her to hit the road.

I would like these little critters and their parents to move to Seattle. I'm even willing to help pack, clean, and babysit anytime.

Prince Charming...enough said.

I will also be excepting calls, visits, IM's, emails, texts, hugs, high fives, and good karma.


Melissa said...

I want missy higgins wallpaper for my birthday! See what you can do about that!

Mandy said...

You're right...we will have to save our pennies. Good thing you're worth every one! :)

cherlyn and family said...

I agree! I hope you are doing well.