Sunday, July 05, 2009

I'd Rather Not

Friday morning I headed uptown for a well deserved 2 hour massage. As I was driving the delivery truck next to me started to lightly honk while driving parallel with me. I thought perhaps I had a flat tire or something and noticed the guy driving had rolled down his window so I did the same when the following occurred.
Driver: How's it going?
Me: Fine thanks.
Driver: Where are you off to?
Me: Just out and about.
(at this point we have pulled up to the longest stoplight in Seattle)
Driver: Here's what we're gonna do. 388-3028, now call that number right now so I can have your number. I'm Mike.
Me: (Stunned that this guy is really trying to get my number....WHILE DRIVING) I'd rather not.
Driver: Oh, that's too bad...
At this point the conversation continued on for what felt like forever. I don't remember what was being said as I kept anxiously waiting for the light to turn green while still in a state of shock at what was happening.

Seriously, why do strangers love to talk to me. This tops the crazy lady at Costco that approached me because she loved my purse, kept putting her arm around me, and told me I should call her daughter because she thought we would be great friends after only talking AT me for 3 minutes.


jami said...

now THAT is a good story. :)

Mandy said...'s because you're so hot and you sing so loud in your car! :) Maybe he's the man of your should call him just to see! :):)

AlisonT0725 said...

the Costco lady was probably my mom, if you were in Denver and if she was about 75. There is no place safe to take my mom, and no one is safe, even the unapproachable.