Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why I HATE Dating

Actual communication over text messaging:

(Keep in mind I have rescheduled on this poor guy a few times and don't even ask how I got roped into this in the first place)
Me: So what is the plan for tomorrow night?
Him: Um I'm not sure. We could see a movie. We could have a pillow fight
Him: (5 hours later after I did not respond) What time r u free tomorrow?
Me: After 7
Him: We could go hit some golf balls. Where should I pick u up?
Me: Whatever. How about I meet you there
Him: I want to pick you up
Me: Ok, here is my address....

Wish me luck. I'm even worse at golf then I am at dating. I'm ready for this one to be over.


Cambo said...

Oh that just made my day! LOLOLOL!

I think I'm now going to try that line.

"...we could have a pillow fight."


lynsey said...

what will be awesome is to get your wedding announcement in the mail in 6 months to the golfing pillow biter...i mean fighter.

best of luck my friend. remember the awkwardness of ben & i??

awkwardness= eternal love.


awkwardness= eternal awkwardness. we never grew out of it.

Melissa said...

I feel something very special is about to happen!

Anonymous said...

stay away from any man who wants to show off his driver on the first date. stick with a man who has a good pair of saucony's instead.

Anonymous said...

Pillow fight? Are you going on a date with Elmo?

Annie Hall said...

You made my whole day! Enjoy your date!

Mandy said...

ok..it's been days!!! HOw did it go????