Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Put up your hands and surrender to me"

It was my first concert at the Showbox and I loved it! The venue felt like an old rundown Vegas club, but the setup was such that even though we arrive halfway through the opening act, we still got a great spot towards the front.

Charlote Sometimes (whom I had never heard of) opened and was well....not the best. You know how most people that talk with an accent don't sing with one. She was pretty much the exact opposite of that and it was not doing it for me.

Gavin DeGraw came out shortly after the opening band was done and put on a great show. His is quite the character on stage and feeds off the audience more then a lot of musicians I have seen. I did have a hard time getting past his "remedial" singing face and his tyrannosaurus like arms, but I would still let him sing me to sleep every night.

Check out that sparkly piano. How do I get one of those?

And because we have to have one at every concert....I give you the "Steph and Linds" photo of the night.


Jill said...

Linds, you look ADORABLE in that picture! I love it all, your hair, you, all of it! Looking good!

Stephanie K. said...

Both you and Steph look GREAT!

Robin said...

You are 'drop-dead gorgeous' girl! I became a 'voyeur' to your blog a short while ago when I was reading my Lynsey's blog. I hope that is not too weird. You have the best blog anywhere, the greatest sense of humor, fantabulous taste in music, and such an exciting life. Can I be your new BFF or am I too dang old?!? You look soooooooo wonderful & happy. Every picture lights up the screen. Good for you! I hate to say it, but that drabby gray Seattle weather must be good for you, because you are HOT (sizzling)! AND, Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you--this coming year is going to be your best yet! xoxoxox Your newest old BFF, Lynsey's Mom

Lindsay Jane said...

Thanks Jill and Steph....we have been workin on our fitness. are to cute! I would love to be your BFF. I am happy in Seattle. For the first time in a long time I am taking care of me first. I think you too would love rain Seattle....I think you need to come on up for a girls weekend. I would love to have you visit. I hope you too are happy and doing well. Talk to you soon BFF!

bensey said...

i will second old robintino's look gorgeous!