Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trying New Things

I cut 6 inches off my hair and dyed it darker then my natural color. Pictures to come tomorrow.

Had my first spray tan and think I might be hooked.

Was up before 7:00a on a Saturday and did not take a nap.


Reese said...

Okay so I am excited about the hair, but nervous. Need to hear more about this spray on tan, and am impressed about the nap! You are typically a napper.

Linds said...

Love the hair! What a fun change and surprise to see you for like, oh...30 seconds as I ran out of the DM Friday :)

bensey said...

i kid you not, my mom told he how beautiful you look like 15 times. you really do look fantastic, the hair & the spray tan are workin'. not to mention you're just an all around fantastic person and that is shinin through like you swallowed a light bulb. love ya!

BagLady said...

your hair is hot and em and i are still talking about it. um, we might have to start an online conversation about airbrush/spray-on/self tanner. just think of me as a guru or sorts...kind like your tips on bra shopping.