Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Perfect Sunday

I slept in, was on time to church, and was excited to see a cute new boy walk into sacrament. My lesson went ok and I got to know a few new people. All in all, church was great today.

Then, it was off to Music Church. Now mom and dad before you go shaming your daughter for breaking the Sabbath, as I have previously mentioned, I am still on the straight and narrow.

Tonight was the Indigo Girls concert at a fun outdoor venue. It was so freaking hot so Steph and I were trying to keep cool while waiting in line by sitting under a tree. Next thing I know I hear a splat and Stephanie freaking out. A bird crapped on her foot. I did what any good friend would do and started laughing while I looked for my camera. All the while, I left Steph with crap literally running down her foot while I got a few shots.

Brandi Carlile has been touring with the Indigo Girls, but was not scheduled to play with them here in Seattle. Knowing that she is from Seattle, I had been trying to use the "Secret" all week to have her play with them. You know what, that "secret" shit really worked. Brandi sang with them for probably 80% of the time. As she walked out on stage, Steph and I perked up and started freaking out. was a great night and if Em and Chels had been there, it would have been perfect.

They all sang a few of my favorite songs that I thought you would enjoy as well:


HB Moores said...

Fan-TASTIC! I love music church. I have been using the Secret to make my boobs get bigger and it hasn't worked for me yet but now that I read this I'm not giving up!

- Jo

stephanielynn said...

Thanks for nothin' with the bird poo situation. And I must say, the background of your blog is very you. I like.

Mandy said...

It's not really breaking the's more like enhancing it! :) They say you can feel the spirit strongly through music, and I'm sure you did! :)