Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Heart M.G.

As I walked into the gym I was not in the best mood since work has been so crazy and I had a rough doctors appointment. We walked in, scanned our cards and headed towards the machines when the macho moron that manages the joint tried to get us to take our picture. I grumbled and told him next time as Steph obediently walked over. Macho moron then told me I could get my picture taken or pay all of my yearly dues up front. Threatening me was NOT the right tactic tonight.

I stopped and was about to give some witty response when he asked, "Didn't we sign you guys up under the family plan or are you just friends?" My response as I walked away even more pissed, "Thanks, but we are NOT lesbians and your not getting my picture today so don't ask. Man this day just keeps getting better."

I guess I need to wear my "I heart male genitalia" to the gym in addition to most of the concerts I attend.

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stephanielynn said...

Next time we should say something about how he knocked up his girlfriend/employee and has another girl on the side. That would be fun.