Monday, May 12, 2008

What a A Day

I was all ready to start the work week off on a high note. Last night I had an amazing meal with my brothers followed up by a pretty funny game of Scategories. I slept well and was crawling out of bed as the sun was shining in right on time. I was almost to the shower when my phone range and it went down hill from there.

It was my bank informing me there were fraudulent charges made on my account over the weekend. I ran to my computer and found that someone had charged over $6,000 to the most random places ever. For next 65 minutes, I was on the phone getting things resolved as I watched my on time work departure come and go while still in my pajamas.

I finally showered, found a parking spot and started my molasses like computer around 10:00 while trying to put out work fires from my blackberry. Good thing I grabbed some lunch on my way out the door because not only was there no time to leave and grab something, but thanks to this morning I don't have anyway to pay for anything until I make it to the bank for some cash.

I have been sitting in my office all day working on the most mundain project I keep putting off all the while freazing. I can't feel my fingers 0r toes and my nose is ice cold. I go through this everyday. My office is strangly like an Ice Box. Four feet away in the my office....freezing. I have even had the maintenance people come and check it out, but they were good for thing. I have been so cold for so long today I am pretty sure I am getting sick. So today while I inhaled my pasta salad, I purchased a space heater online with the only remaining active piece of plastic I have to my name. Let's just hope the thief's out there don't get a hold of my credit card as well.

On top of all this, I received an email indicating the concert I was going to on Wednesday has been postponed until August.

I am now debating on whether I am going to FHE or not. I should go to meet people, but I don't feel well. It is only a BBQ, but I have to go alone and it is in BFE. It would be nice to not have to make dinner, but I am sure it will be outside and I am already freezing.

What to do, what to do......


stephanielynn said...

Linds, I'm sorry! I'm not going to lie...that's a pretty sucky day. But tomorrow will be better!

Annie said...

did you ever figure out how they got a hold of your info?!