Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Is My Confession

This past Sunday I was asked to give a talk in church. I was a little nervous since I was not feeling totally inspired by the topic. Things were going smoothly until I started to make reference to a conference talk and introduced it with a, "As you may remember from this last conference...." right as I looked up and made eye contact with Steph. She was laughing which in turn made me start to laugh and loose my concentration.

You see, this past conference weekend Jill was visiting. We wanted to see the city and decided to Tivo conference and watch it later. If I am being really honest here, we always Tivo conference so we can fast forward through the songs. Well, all 8 hours are still in our Tivo unwatched. I guess I was not totally lying in my talk because I am sure they did remember the talk I was referencing. It was just me and Steph and would not "remember" it.

I feel guilty every time I turn on the Tivo, but I just can't bring myself to watch it. Now don't go preaching to me....I know, I know. I can say that ever since the conference Ensign arrived I have read one article every night. I actually think I am getting more out of it this way because I am not fighting off a conference nap. So in about 3 more weeks, I should be all caught up and guilt free.


jami said...

if it makes you feel better i finally deleted conference from my tivo because i felt guilty it was still there unwatched. :)
(all i have to say is good thing there's an ensign:) )

Lindsay Jane said...

Thanks Jami....that does actually make me feel better.

Reese said...

I worked for two sessions and tried to watch one and fell asleep. I get way more out of the confrence Ensign myself.

stephanielynn said...

You outed us to the internet! Well, I haven't been reading the conference issue of the Ensign - thanks for making me feel guilty all over again.

Mandy said...

I dont think anyone ever watchs conference after the fact.... mine is still unwatched too, and maybe, like Jami....I'll just delete! You're diong better than most reading it.... an no one has to know you didn't "remember" it.... :)