Friday, May 09, 2008

I Heart Visitors

So this post is only about 4 weeks late, but whatever. I have been busy ok.

Our friend Jill drove up to Seattle with Steph for her big move and was able to stay with us for a few days and do the tourist thing. We laughed a lot, did a little shopping and did not even get rained on.
Where else would you start, but at Pikes Market.

Jill loves to take pictures. I hate taking them, but always love having them...why is that? Here Steph and I are doing out best "we will be good sports about taking pictures" pose. I was just excited I got donuts for doing it.

Next it was off to the troll under the bridge. Nice nose pick Steph.

Jill loves to take pictures herself. We ended up with quite a few funny shots of the three of us that Jill took while being in the picture. Here is one of them at Gas Works Park.

Jill, sorry about all of the cat hair you took back with you.

On Sunday, we drove up to the Tulip Festival. I know, these are daffodils. I guess the tulips bloomed so late this year they had to extend the event two week. We never did find any tulips, but the fields of daffodils were beautiful.

Steph was so tired from moving, but we could not resist getting a picture of this. I believe she called us "butt holes" when she figured out what we were doing.

And of course Jill wanted to ride the fairy looking for McDreamy.

Jill come back soon. I miss ya already.


bensey said...

don't know why you don't like your picture taken linds, you seriously look fantastic in every single one. seattle loves you.

Nat Attack said...

I have to say, the two pictures you took of Jill and Steph (daffodils and on the ferry) are the best ones! Seriously, GORGEOUS.

I'm happy you're having so much fun with the big life move!

stephanielynn said...

Double chins are sexy, right?

Jill said...

I totally love this post! That trip was so fun and I really appreciated you guys being up for all my stupid antics: pictures, ross, ferry, etc. I know the list goes on!

I do need to make it back up there, having Grey's back on and seeing the little shots of Seattle make me want to come back! I miss you guys!