Monday, May 26, 2008

Discovery at Discovery Park

So Discovery Park is like 5 minutes from our house and everyone is always ranting and raving about it. This weekend Steph and I decided to pretend like we were outdoors people and hike through the park and I must say it was well worth it. Aside from the tiny lighthouse the everyone build up, it exceeded my expectations.

Here is Steph and I walking through the park. Keep in mind this is no small park. It is 534 acres.

I was so disappointed by the little lighthouse that I made Steph flip it off. Come call that a light house.

The beach was beautiful and the weather was perfect. All I needed to make it even better was a Diet Coke and my book. I would have been set for the rest of the day.

Who knew this was in my backyard. I think I just discovered another one of the many things that will keep me in Seattle for a long time.


jami said...

so when can i come and visit?! :):)

Jill said...

Fun! I love finding little things like that right around you. Living in Utah my whole life there isn't a lot of them, but it is nice to find something that you love! I still miss you being here though! Seattle is overrated!