Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hotel Cafe Tour

The Hotel Cafe Tour was quite the concert. It has been sold out in Seattle for over a month but thanks to Craigs List, a shady deal in the Microsoft parking lot, and 2 tickets later, Steph and I were able to go. It was in a very small dive up on Capitol Hill which is always good time. :)

We were most excited to see Ingrid Michaelson again, but found some crazy entertainment in a few of the other artists. I will not bore you with a play by play, but give you my quick recap of each artist.

William Fitzsimmons:
He was great; good music, good voice, and pretty funny. He kept doing things that reminded us of Danny K - wish he would have come out and played a second time

Love her! She is like a mix of Brandi Carlile and Ellen Page. I really like her music, but I did have a sad concert moment when I turned to Steph and asked why I knew she "kept them in a box under her bed?" Em and Chels...I missed you!

Jim Blanco:
Ok, this guy was a total weirdo! I would describe his singing face as John Mayer ugly singing face on drugs at the circus. I will give him credit because he brought the band out into the crowd and sang a great song, but still....he was a little too out there for me.

Jesca Hoop:
She was just straight up weird and very very high!

Carry Brothers:
He was great. Rocked out, talked about his song being on Gray's Anatomy and was a funny guy.

Ingrid Michaelson:
The last time I saw her, I should have been home packing up my house. When I saw her this time, I should have been home finishing up a work project that was due in the morning. Thankfully, she was worth the all nighter I pulled both times.

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benseyleb said...

ooooooh. this is totally a concert i would have loved to seen. last year there was joshua radin & schuyler fisk who i love. looks like so much fun!