Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Was Jiffy Lubed

(I know that sounds so disgusting, but I could not help myself)

Today over my lunch break I went to the downtown Seattle Jiffy Lube. I pulled in, turned my car over to Robert and went into the stereotypical waiting room. It was dark, very dirty, cold and stunk like cigarette smoke. I sat down and started reading my book (and you make fun of me for my Marry Poppins purse that has everything you could ever need in it).

Fast forward 5 minutes to creepy cell phone guy. It could have been his greasy hair, funny smell, or nervous pace but something about him seriously freaked me out. I did what any of you would do and sat there pretending to read my book while watching his every move. He started by pulling out a phone charger and searching the room for an outlet. He begins talking to someone and kept asking if the line was secure and "yes, red, red is the code word" The Jiffy Lube guy then comes in and he finds out the guy has been here before with this car, but it had different plates. What the crap? He then leaves the following voicemail:
Hi Rick, this is Scott. I just wanted to talk to you and let you know I really need a break and have been thinking a lot and um, I am going to cash out my vacation and give you my two weeks notice. Um, ok, call me when you get this.

I tried to hide my expression, but I could not believe he just quit his job, over the phone, by voicemail.

My car was about done and while Robert was reviewing everything with me, he started telling me how much he loves Black Acuras. He loves driving them into the bay, etc. I laughed and told him he should take it around the block, but asked if black Acuras feel better then any other colored Acura. I was immediately sorry I asked because it got weird. He smiled and said, "The black Acuras always feel better and if they are leather I almost can't contain myself." YIKES!!! At least he gave me a $20 discount on my oil change.

I pulled away slightly stunned at what had just happened and wondered how I keep getting myself into these situations. Sheesh.

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HB Moores said...

Lindsay - Don't ever go back there.
- big sis