Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Hate Oprah...there I said it!

I do NOT like Oprah. I think she is full of crap and that too many women idolize her and everything she says. I think this so much I even worked it into my lesson a few Sundays ago. Ladies, Oprah does not live in your reality. She claims to have favorite things, but since when did Oprah actually go to Williams Sonoma, pick out new bowls and go home and actually make something in them....never. She has people that cook, shop, clean, and do everything for her. And Oprah, the "feel bad for me and my people because we were poor slaves" act does not work. You are richer and live a more lavish life then anyone could ever imagine. You don't here me moaning and complaining to people because it was legal to kill my people for religious beliefs. Get over it. Don't even get me started on your book club...

Ok....I could go on and on about why Oprah is bad and people should stop watching her, but I am proud to see others are quickly catching on and turning their attention to positive, funny, and happy people.

A recent poll asked, "Which daytime host makes your day" and here are the results:
46% Ellen DeGeneres
22% Regis Philbin
19% Oprah Winfrey
7% Barbara Walters
5% Martha Stewart

And as David Letterman would say, "I would like to congratulate Oprah for making the cover of O magazine again this month."


HB Moores said...

Lindsay -
I see your point about Oprah. Could you share your thoughts on Martha Stewart for me? I kinda hate her more 'cause she makes me feel really un-talented...which I know I'm not!

benseyleb said...

yikes linds, tell us how you FEEL!! my opinion, not that you asked:
i do feel that oprah has done a lot of good for the world. she has donated a lot of cash & time & has made people more aware of a lot of problems in the world. i do however see your point about not hearing her complain anymore. and to be honest, i really kind of was "over her" when she started the whole "the secret" rage. did you see (probably not since you hate her:) when she said that she put out to the universe that she wanted a bubble blower & then one magically appeared in her office? from TIFFANY'S??? ok, come ON.
i do love ellen, she brightens up my day & always makes me laugh. she is a true genius when it comes to comedy & makes it look effortless. anyway i'm glad you got your feelings out. now can we discuss how FREAKIN AWESOME eric hutchinson is?? i know i've already said it, but i love him!