Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So we bought a house and let me tell you, it was an adventure.

We started looking for the right place and quickly got sick of looking at places. There were also quite a few stipulations behind all of this. We had to close before we were married since it would change our loan. This meant short sells were most likely off the table, but 90% of the houses in our price range were short sells.

Enter house #1
It was great and we put an offer in right away. We were going back and forth signing papers when the owner of the house filed for bankruptcy. We rescinded our offer and started looking again.

Enter house #2
It was huge, needed a lot of work, and was way out of our price range. We put in a ridiculously low offer after a few back and forths we all agreed. Inspections happened without any major surprises and we were moving forward.

We were 2 weeks away from closing and things started to get tricky.
1. I was offered a new job but needed to verify my employment under my old job or it would screw up the loan
2. The seller was really old so we were working with her kids, but the sellers health quickly declined and they were worries she would not live until closing
3. There was a leak in the bathroom shower downstairs and the bank would not approve our loan until it was fixed.

1 - I "told" my team I was leaving work but we waited to tell HR for a few days. Employment verified.
2 - We were able to close early and just in the nick of time. We closed on a Friday and the owner passed on that Sunday
3 - We arranged a lat minute plumber to come and cap the shower. We had plans to demo the entire bathroom so why make the owners spend time and money on the shower.

So for the next 30 years we have a mortgage and a never ending project but I could not be more happy with our purchase.

This leads us next to the new job and house projects...


lynsey said...

SO cute!! i love it & am anxiously awaiting your room-by-room posts. most specifically....my own personal bedroom post. i'm on the edge of my seat waiting for that one. :)

sounds like a stressful way to buy a home, but i'm so glad it all turned out the way that it did.

congrats again!!

Nat Attack said...

How MUCH your life is changing since I saw you in January!!! All such fun, exciting, life-altering changes. You're living the dream lady! XO.