Monday, November 15, 2010


Like any job, some parts are more fun then others. One of the things I do is help with photo shoots. Most of the work I do happens before and after so during the shoot I see it my responsibility to keep everyone happy. Mainly my client, but really the entire team. This shoot happened to be a week long in LA so by the end, you REALLY know each other weather you want to or not.

Day one started with location and wardrobe review. We had a great team and some AMAZING locations.

While the 12 hour days were exhausting, we managed to make each day a good one. A few highlights are as follows:

I give you a fearless Mascot Peter. Don't fool with the babysitter.

Or what about the beautiful men on set like this guy that looks like a hipster version of Tim Riggins. (If you don't know who Tim is, you just lost friendship point)

And then there is the client....working hard. :)

Or these. Talk about a find.

And lastly I give you California's version of "bump." I think they have been listening to a little too much Fergie.

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The StaceNeedle said...

1- I got a good laugh out of your fergie comment.
2- The Word Verification is Presh.