Monday, August 23, 2010

Cayamo Reunion Seattle Style

So I never blogged about my amazing adventures on Cayamo, but whatever. One of the MANY things I love about it are the great people I have become friends with.

First there is Mike and Dwayne. We sat by them the first year during our headliner shows. We quickly hit it off and found that gay men and straight Mormon women make great BFF's.

Then there is Jack our first year. I met Jack out on the pool deck. I was reading a book, he kept offering me some of his beer. Before I knew it, I was giving Jack the first discussion and was was claiming Steph and I as wife #1 and #2.

Not only was Jack amazing, but his girlfriend Amy was just as great. Seriously, love these people. This past year, Jack proposed to Amy so we all got bumped down a wife number, but being the good wives that we are we brought 2 additional wives with us. Here we are lined up in order, following Jacks order to stand in a line and not touch him.

Last but not least there is Amy and Stacy. These two gals were formalizing their love and got hitched which brought the entire Cayamo family to Seattle.

It was a beautiful Seattle day and was so fun to see everyone more then once a year.

Guys. We will see you again in February. We'll be the ones chasing down our ice cream with s*@t loads of Diet Coke.

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