Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brandi at Easy Street

Brandi was playing at Easy Street, my favorite local record store, to a PACKED house. We were towards the front and had a perfect view. You could tell the band was having a great time and really were glad to be there. They were harassing each other and during one song where Phil whistles, Brandi kept making faces at him making him laugh. It was like we were getting a sneak peek into what it's like when they play around the house.

I don't usually stay after because I have a few pictures with Brandi and I never know what to say. Although this time I had come prepared with a picture for her to sign (this was the gift I was so excited about) and after waiting in line for over an hour I walked up to the table and slid my picture across the table. It went a little something like this:

Me: Thanks for playing tonight. Would you mind signing this.
Brandi: Sure, is this a tape machine?
Me: Yes. It's our favorite part on the entire album. 2:44 on Bend Before it Breaks. Do you know what part it is.
Brandi: Ya. I think so. Is it when the guitars come in.
Me: Close. It's actually the part where you belt it out, but are not right in the mic.
Brandi: Oh ya. Where I go "Ohhhhhhh" (This is where I almost lost my cool. I'm mean she was singing the part right to us.) This is so cool. I sang that part into the piano mic.
Me: It's amazing. I found this picture and had my friend edit the time to be 2:44.
Brandi: I love it. I have to tell the twins about this. (They were behind her signing autographs and she brought them over.) Guys, check this out. Its our tape machine and she changed the time to be 2:44 from Bend Before it Breaks.
Twins, mainly Tim: This is awesome. Is that where the guitars come in.
Me: It's the part where Brandi belts away in the background.
Twins: So cool. Wow
Me: Does this make me a crazy stalker.
Tim acting all silly: Ya, totally. Keep walking lady. No way, this is awesome.
Me: Well, thanks for signing it and thanks for doing what you do. I'm a huge fan. Can't wait to see you all on the cruise again.
Brandi: Oh, it will be so much fun. I'm bringing the whole family with me this time. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I then proceeded to walk over to the twins spot to get their signatures as well. They complimented the cool picture and I had to confess that I had found it on their website and "borrowed" it. They laughed pretty hard.

So....maybe it makes me a crazy fan now that I'm blogging the entire conversation, but it was a great moment that I want to remember. I walked away impressed by how "normal" I was able to stay and how genuine our conversation was. It was kind of awesome!


Annie Hall said...

I love that you did this!

Em said...

Seriously, the coolest gift EVER. You out did yourself.... I LOVE it. And you were right, the story only adds to it's awesome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chelsea said...

dope. the end.