Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do the Rockaway

Nope, that's not Hawaii; It's the Oregon Coast. This weekend we went down to Rockaway Beach for a quick weekend getaway. Drove down Friday afternoon and after one speeding ticket and a time warp stop in Aberdeen we made it. Hit up the Upper Crust pizza joint and made friends with the shift manager, Mary and some crazy lady that told us she called people from Utah "carrot snappers," but had no explanation why. Ended the night playing games and laughing until it hurt.

Woke up early Saturday morning and put on my running shoes. It was an amazing morning. The sun was shinning, the tempature was perfect and except for a few elderly people out for a walk, I pretty much had the streets to myself. Being a small town and needing to run 8 miles I had to get a little creative, but managed to run past the crazy "carrot snapper" lady 4 times. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm the cray one.

My favorite sign of the trip. I could not resist giving out a "Kaa-kaw."
(Side note: who's head is large enough to fill that jumbo hole?)

Little did I know, we had a crabbing extraordinaire amongst us. We hit up the crabbing dock and quickly learned how to crab. It involves dead fish heads, smelly water, and lots of throwing crabs back into the water.

Don't we look like professionals. Let's just say we did not fit the crabber mold.

My A.D.D. kicked in after about an hour so we left a few behind to catch our dinner and headed up to Cannon Beach. I always think of my Grandma Lyman when I'm in these parts as she loves the Oregon coast and use to spend time here every summer.

Spent a few hours at the beach, almost died from the crazy kit flyers, and sugared up on ice cream and salt water taffy from the local candy shop.

We may have been strangers on Friday, but my Saturday night it was love. :) Baby face Grant was a trooper. He let us style his hair, mock his crappy fire and suffered through our group hugging.

KC and I practiced our favorite prom poses, but the smoky special effects are all natural. No Photo Shop needed here.

Spent Saturday night at the beach. Ate delicious smores and looked like this after multiple attacks from the smoke.

Up and out the door early Sunday morning to make it back into town for church. Aside from a few housing mishaps, it was a great weekend. Can't wait to do it again soon.


jami said...

the oregon coast is one of the best. you took some awesome shots!

Jody and Jake Moore said...

WOW! Can I come next time?