Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SF Wrap Up

By day 3 things were running so smoothly we got a little restless, but thankfully San Fransisco has plenty to do.

We bought shoes, clothes, jewelry and found the craziest furniture store ever that had creepy statues and couches that would make for awkward conversation.

We laughed the entire time and ended on a high. My favorite part seeing the disappointment in spectators as they realized we were not shooting a movie or TV. And that's a wrap.


Mark said...

Is that last picture the Caltrain station near the Giants' stadium? I only work a block away from there. If I had known you were in town I would have come down and heckled your shoot.

Lindsay Jane said...

Crap...why did I not think of that. Sorry. Guess I have another excuse to visit SF again.