Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Thanks Mr. Mailman

Every month I have a music nerd moment whenever the new issue of Sound magazine arrives in my mailbox. This month, I had a music nerd FREAK OUT!!! Brandi Carlile is on the cover as one of the "Next Big Things." I'm sad each of you were not able to end your day reading the January issue cover to cover in the bath like I am about to.


Em said...

I need to see that. Now.

jami said...

ah. always good to catch up . i haven't visited for a little while. while you were braving the spokane snow i was playing in the utah stuff. :) hope your holidays were dandy - and that you meet all those ambitious 09 goals! :)

Kate said...

I love your blog. faithful, faithful reader. Hey i wanted to thank you for the link for friday night lights. my husband found another site so we are all caught up. I Freaking love that show!