Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saturday Is A Special Day

I had what was almost the perfect* Saturday.

I slept in and woke up to the sun blaring into my room. Yes, the SUN! It's been a long time since I've seen him. I read in bed for a bit before making plans to meet a friend for a run around Greenlake.

Ran, well really we ended up walking and talking, around Greenlake with Susan. Did a second lap on my own to get a little more actual running in. Clocked 5.42 miles and was feeling great. It was beautiful outside and the sun and fresh air really made me feel amazing.

Next it was off to Pike's to help be the photographer for Steph and her sister. Left Pikes to meet Amy at the Key Arena for...wait for it......Stars on Ice. It had to be the funniest thing ever. I guess I never really thought about what ice skaters do when not competing. I just don't know how they can take themselves so serious. I have to be honest that I did not know any of these "stars," until Amy pointed out one of them was the Russian kid in the movie Center Stage.

I ended the day with great friends doing my favorite thing ever, going to a concert. Marc Broussard did not disappoint. I've seen him in concert a few times before, but this was the first time with him as the headliner. He put on a great show. It was the first and only show he has sold out since starting his headlining tour and you could tell it put him in an exceptionally good mood. Marc rocked it! I can't wait to see him again on my cruise in a few weeks!

* would have liked to spend time with my Brother to make it a completely perfect day

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Big Bro Jared said...

That's nice. I was off practicing my photography by shooting a family in Monroe. Would have been good to have hooked up with you. Lunch yesterday was good.