Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Blogs

Don't you just hate when things happen or are said, but you can't blog about them because you never know who lurks on your blog. Man it's killing me. I just might have to start a private blog with a VIP invite group only. But wait. If you request to join and I turn you down then you will know I am talking about you. Oh this is never going to work. I guess I will have to record it old school in my journal.

Oh and because I am obsessed with running, I've started another blog to track my progress. Nothing funny or exciting, but if you need another blog to populate your Google reader I give you Kickin Assphalt.


lynsey said...

i am so with you on this one. there's been many times i want to mention stuff (like our thanksgiving adventure) but don't dare because of who may be reading.

jacker said...
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Anonymous said...

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