Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Tree Update

I ran to the store on my way to FHE last night and pick up a new tree since the old one has thankfully been permanently removed from my life! I was not willing to fork over $200 bones, so I picked the cheapest one and was on my way.

Big mistake. I pulled it out of the box excited to set it up when I learned (for the millionth time) that you get what you pay for. It looked less like a tree and more like a hoop skirt with green crap crawling out of it.

Today at work I realized I was too good for that crappy tree. It was pathetic and embarrassing. I could have made a better looking tree out of wire hangers and green pipe cleaners.

Which takes us to Christmas tree number 3. I found a great one 50% off at a craft store. It has no plastic parts and comes with lights already on it, well short of. It came with colored lights and I have VERY strong feelings against colored lights. If you have small kids I will let it pass, but in my opinion colored Christmas lights are tacky and UGLY. Needless to say those bad boys are being replaced tomorrow.

Here's to 3 trees, 6 hours I can never get back and a trashed living room with an undecorated tree. I think I might be getting sick tomorrow afternoon at work in order to be done with this stupid tree already.


Queen of the Giggle Loop said...

Wait, wait, wait....you went to FHE?????

Annie Hall said...

Lowes has all their trees 50% off right now! HA HA I am also very morally against the colored lights! I am glad you agree.

Jody and Jake Moore said...

Hey - my kids like the colored lights on our charlie brown tree.

Melissa said...

OH!! I love colored lights... and I don't consider myself tacky!