Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have been loving the Olympics as much as all of you have. If work were not so freaking busy and I did not own a Tivo, I would be really sick this week. :)

USA has come to love Michael Phelps again this year and I must admit I like watching him continue to win, but Michael...can I give you 4 pieces of advice?

I would think you were a pro at standing on the medals podium, putting your hand on your heart and enjoy the national anthem, but looks like you need some guidance. You see, when people put their hand over their heart they lay it gently across their chest. They don't cup their size B boob! Yes you have impressive pecks, but it's tacky and looks a little creepy.

Close your mouth!

I am all for making money through endorsements, but maybe before you agree to model Speedo's new...ah...onesie, you should ask to see it and give your input. I'm just saying....sheer and tight....yikes. Oh, and nice tattoo by the way.

This is the one I feel most strongly about; Drinking and Driving is NEVER ok. The "I learned from my mistake" bit does not cut it with me.

Now back to winning Gold Medals!

Olympic Commercials

I don't often watch them thanks to my favorite friend Tivo, but I could not stop laughing at this one. I can't wait for The Office to start again.

I also love this commercial and if you don't know why then you really don't know me. I am proud of my brother Jared for seeing the ad on his own and knowing right away!


jami said...

oh miss lindsay jane, i'm crackin' up! ... if only mr swim king could read your advice i know he'd be better off for it! (as would the rest of us avid phelp followers)

Mandy said...

Your posts kill me! I have to admit, I have noticed the weird way he puts his hand on his heart/moob. Weird...but I don't see the tattoo...

Lindsay Jane said...

The tattoo is near near his hip. :)