Monday, August 11, 2008

Mr. Sunday Nap

Dear Mr. Sunday Nap,

It was great to visit you again yesterday. It has been too long since we played together and I forgot how much I like you. However, if you could get rid of Mrs. Not Sleepy Sunday Night that would be great. I can't visit both of you as it makes for a VERY rough Monday morning.

I hope we can play together again once you have devised a plan.




Jody and Jake Moore said...

Dear Ms. Lyman,
Mrs. Sunday Night and I split a while ago due to irreconcilable differences. Our rebelious son Mr. Monday morning thinks everything is my fault and postings like this don't really help my cause any. You should meet my brother Mr. Tylenol PM and his trophy wife Mrs. Monday Super Big Gulp. Whenever we get together life is divine. Nice seeing you too. Please visit more often.

Mr. Sunday Nap

stephanielynn said...


Lindsay Jane said...

Mr. Tylenol PM and Mrs. Monday Super Big Gulp I should have thought of them. Thanks Mr. Sunday Nap!