Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm a Nerd

Because secretly I am a tech nerd, I thought I would share a few of my favorite tech treats.

Nerdy Web Pages:
1. - you can rip the audio from any online video, like on YouTube, into an MP3 and load into your music player - best part, it's free!

2. - learn how to play your favorite song on the guitar from the artists that sing them

3. - for the traveler in you - gives you all the inside information on hotels

Nerdy Habits:
1. Watching YouTube video on Tivo

2. I heart Google Reader - you all should set one up. It makes blog reading so much easier

3. Creating my own ringtones for my BlackBerry- want to learn how...... ( stole these directions from my friends blog, but why make my own when his work so well)

If you don't have a mac, step one for you is to go and freaking buy one already.

Works with non-rights-managed audio file (like those you would transfer from your own CD into iTunes)

Drag a non-rights-managed song from your iTunes library into an open GarageBand project.

Split and loop the track to edit it down to a 10-20 second clip.

Select "Export Song to Disk" from the Share menu and save it to your desktop or someplace easy to find.

Change the file extension of .m4a (an AAC format) to .mp3. Simply type over it.

Now you have a short mp3 clip that you can use on your phone. But the trick is getting it TO your phone.

Moving your clip to your BlackBerry:

Turn Bluetooth on from your Mac menu.

Turn Bluetooth on your BlackBerry to "on."

Go into your your BlackBerry's Ringtones folder in the device memory and select "Receive Using Bluetooth."

On your Mac, select "Send File..." from the Bluetooth menu.

When your BlackBerry asks if you accept the connection, click "yes."

Accept the file transfer and you now have a new ringtone to select!

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Jody and Jake Moore said...

Lindsay - Shouldn't step one be, "if you don't have a blackberry, go out an freaking buy one already"?