Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brandi Weekend Part 2

It was so freaking hot today. It is never 90 degrees in Seattle, but it sure was today. Sitting in the sun for 3 hours before it set was killer, but well worth it. Steph and I had the change to see Brandi once again.

I wish every summer day looked like this.

I even got to enjoy the great show in a beautiful setting with my brother Jared.

Pat Monahan from Train performed and did a little duet with Brandi.

Life does not get much better then the weekend I just had.


jami said...

looks like some good brandi mania :)

(ps: miss lj, you look SOOOO good! :))

Lindsay Jane said...

Thanks Jami!!! When are you coming to visit?

jami said...

as soon as my hubby tells me he'll take the kids so i can have an extended weekend to play! :) why don't you give him a hint or two because i'd love to come ... :)

(or why don't you come see me next time you come see natalie - i'm only 2 hours away from her! :) )

bensey said...

i agree with jami. you are tan and fabulous. and i'm betting there will be a b&w 8x10 of you & brandi hanging up in the guitar playin' room before the week is up.

glad you had fun!

Reese said...

I love the My Fair Lady Hat!

Lindsay Jane said... know me to well!

Annie...Thanks, I love that hat too! You have no idea how hard it is to find a hat large enough to fit my freakishly huge head. Let's just say I had to "special" order it online. :)

The Simon Fam! said...

In that one picture, you have the goods- diet coke and red vines- what more do you need? Looks like fun!