Friday, May 09, 2008

Doctor Doctor

I have been meaning to make a doctors appointment for quite sometime now. Being in a new place and not really knowing any, I logged onto my insurance page and started looking down the list. Some people want to know everything about their doctor like what their specialties are, references, etc. Me, I was all about the name. I now have a doctors appointment with Dr. Knickerbocker. I hope she is as good in person as she is on paper.


Jill said...

I would have gone with that doctor too for the name!

HB Moores said...

Sounds like a Pediatrician. I guess you're never too old to get a sucker when you need shots. Good luck Linds.

Reese said...

I can't help but think only linds would pick her doctor that way. Then I thought to myself how did I pick mine? Well I pulled out the list of from blue cross and picked out the one who sounded the hottest!