Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Friday

I had a great day Friday. Nothing overly exciting happened, but I feel like days like this are few and far between so I thought I would share.

Work was extremely hectic as my co-worker was on vacation, but you know what....this new girl actually did a pretty good job and handling everything. It was the first time at my new job where I did not feel clueless and helpless. I loved it.

Friday night, I had plans with some friends. We met up at my place and decided to be adventurous and try a new restaurant. We ended up at Mondello's in downtown Magnolia. It was this great little family owned Italian restaurant. The hot Italian host (click the Mondello's link to see him, the one in glasses) and I had a chummy conversation while we waited for a seat and by the end of the night, he hugged me goodbye. I know he is overly friendly with everyone that comes into his restaurant, but I still like to think of him as my boyfriend for the night.

After dinner, we headed over to Ballard, parked and walked though downtown window shopping (ok, really we had to park in B.F.E. and ran to the shop as it was raining and freezing.) We went for some delicious desert at Cupcake Royale. The red velvet cupcake and remanisant conversation were perfect.

The night ended with a movie from Blockbuster and going to bed knowing I could sleep in as late as I wanted. Ahh...good times.


benseyleb said...

friendly with everyone or not, i think you could put a little more effort into that hug that could steam up those glasses if you know what i'm sayin'.

ps-missy h. & brett d. are coming to NC but of course i have to work. i'm considering asking these crazy teens if they could just maybe consider taking a "night off" from having mental health problems. just one. for me.

emalina49a said...

Hey...I found your blog on a friend's blog. I hope you remember me, but if you don't, that's ok because I remember you! Good old STAB!

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