Thursday, April 17, 2008

Glowing In The Dark

I almost forgot that I bought tickets to the Kanye West concert because who does not want to see him live.  

Steph kept saying how out of place she felt, but I was loving every minute of it.  Kanye pulled the most ghetto fabulous Seattle crowd ever.  There was the guy that looked exactly like Busta Rhymes, Aunt Jemima, the brothas in front of us toasting us after every song, the guys behind us having a dance off in between acts, and the annoying girls sitting around us just to name a few of the highlights.  

Rihanna sang a few songs and wore two killer neon outfits that matched her Lee press on pink nails. 

Then came Kanye.  I knew going into the show he was a self obsessed jerk and his show confirmed this.  He did the entire 90 minute set on this stage alone.  He had all of his singers and band down below in black so you could not see them.  

His show was very strange about a space ship crashing and him being the biggest star and trying to get back to Kanye land, etc.  It was weird and really quite boring.  He hyped it up like it was going to be the best show ever with all these great special effects when all it ended up being was a stage that lit up and went up and down a few times.  LAME!!!  He kept looking up at himself on the big screens, got mad about that the smoke was not coming out fast enough, and got mad when the pre-programed spotlights were not on him.  I will say it was impressive that he could rap/sing for 90 minutes, but it was still a huge let down.  The people watching was 10,000 times better then the show. 

My favorite thing about these picture is the face that I got in with a camera.  Let me explain.  As we were going in, the security woman asked me to open my purse.  She saw my camera and said, "If that is a camera, you can't bring it in and you will have to leave the orange because you can't bring in food."  I said ok, handed her the orange and walked in. :)  She was the worst security guard ever and I was very glad. 

Here's a little clip of Kanye from the show.

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